honda pilot misfire fix

Tranny issues, would not shift, flush, sensor replaced, re flashed. Dealer claimed that was normal (this was not normal)and there was nothing that could be done. Goes away at higher idle or AC load. CEL was set after gas cap wasn't screwed on after a filling. Is your Honda Pilot giving you problems? Stuck open. Constant oil drip from plug. Lucky, no coolant into transmission or transmission would need replacement at about $3400. I have a Honda Pilot 2010, and I kept it very clean with only 65K miles, maintained all the service record from dealerships. They lost all our future business (maintenance and car purchases). Camshaft adjuster solenoid replaced VCM. Lower drivers side of radiator is where it leaked. Major warranty work. Idle air control defective. Timing belt, waterpump, serpentine tensioner, serpentine tensioner pulley. I received a P0303 cylinder 3 misfire code on my 2011 Honda Odyssey at 89k miles. No further work done at this time as the problem could be something like a rocker arm bearing, hard to pinpoint. Timing Belts, waterpump, oil change, front and side engine mounts, brakes and rotors, alignment. Replaced with a used engine. Dealer unable to duplicate Shudder in ECO mode. P0302 is a relatively common Honda Pilot trouble code. Replaced the timing belt valve noise on cold start that went away as the engine warmed up. Local shop used a Perma Kit to re-thread spark plug. The belt was worn and needed replacing as per mechanic and I also inspected the part and it was well worn. Radiator replaced under warranty. Vehicle had a vibration/shudder and a ticking/clicking sound just before the ECO function triggered. I only paid for two plugs because those cylinders had no trouble codes. Idler bearing replacement required. Cost over $800 labour for a $14 seal ring part. As a result, some drivers are forced to shell out $1,000 or more to diagnose and fix the issue. The owners manual said it's a transmission problem when it blinks. Refilled coolant, issue was resolved. TrueDelta is not affiliated with any car manufacturer or their trademarks. Installed new O-ring and gaskets and bled out the cooling system. Was covered under warranty, three cylinders had piston rings replaced. Repl add'l EVAP valve (engine light came on again), engine mount replaced and labor ignition control switch, the car won't start with the key, need to replace/reprogram the key and the replace the switch. There's an extended Honda warranty for this issue for 8 years and unlimited mileage if I'm not mistaken. cost more than car is worth. Dealer estimate for radiator and flush only was $1800. Ignition switch replaced - second time had problems. Given estimates for about $390, and $160 to repair. Surging at 45 MPH, torque converter lock/unlock cycle. © 2004 - 2021 TrueDelta. Loaner was a compact. Car works only at gentle acceleration. "D" light flashing Dealer replace powertrain control module. They replaced the RR Converter,the Ex -chamber Gasket and the EX-pipe Gasket. Question type: Maintenance & Repair. Plugs fouled and replaced. Waiting to do that repair until next week. Exhaust leak manifold bolts rusted out and as a result the gasket was not sealing. I went to local mechanic and he fixed a pipe for free. 15 days at dealer. Transmission problems could cause your vehicle to jerk, speed up or slow down unexpectedly. He did some research and discovered the 2014 Honda Engine Misfire Class Action Settlement. Needed to remove, clean and reseal the pan. Dealer pulled code PO303-misfire on cylinder. Honda wouldn't start so the coolant temp sensor needed to be replaced. Oil light would flash when vehicle first (cold) started, would stay out when restarted. Eventually this causes fouling of the spark plugs and the CEL illuminates for misfires. very odd thing to happan. Loud noise coming from under the hood from bad exhaust line. Check engine light, misfire code. Gas mileage has returned to normal. Timing belt broke. Diagnose and fix Honda Fit Misfire Codes. 2009 Honda Pilot EX 3.5L Misfire. It was cleaned, re-programmed,by Honda Dealer. Water pump found to be leaking during timing belt change. Codes show multiple misfire. Exhaust pipe covering fell off. Required cleaning of some debris from the oil pipes in the engine as well as engine diagnostics job. Oil leak, bottom of oil pan is wet. Many warning lights on: VSA, flashing D in transmission, etc. The original was leaking in three different Sections. Not under warranty, cost $38.00 at local repair shop. Vibration and shuttering when in and out of ECO modes. Replaced plugs and reprogrammed ECU, p0304 error. Message said "Emissions Systems Problem". My cost $650. New radiator required - leak in current one. I did timing belt and other plugs. Please post your P0303 reports here (year/miles), how you addressed the issue, and report back (with miles since original fix) if the fix worked. Dealer BS'ed me that fuel injectors are gone and repair estimate is 1000. Tensioner was leaking, water pump was not. Belt tensioner replaced. Oil leaking after routine oil change. Mechanic at the Honda dealership, while changing the engine oil, broke the engine oil dipstick. CEL P1456 for fuel evap system. Dlr replaced the EGR valve. Under warranty. 2012 Honda Pilot LX 2 Answers. Car giving you problems? Diagnosis was PO302 misfire #2 cylinder. Throttle body was not working properly. Air intake boot had a hole in it Spark plugs were incorrect type, discovered by mechanic performing other work. Others report that the brand-new transmission is already slipping and jerking, which can be a major red flag. replaced radiator. The one that mounts to the passenger side inner fender. Dash lights flickering and alarm going off. Heat shield broke free from mounting bolt near catalytic converter. Transmission light went on - bad sensor in 4th gear or something. Inspection cover and area is wet with oil again, not dripping oil. Reported to American Honda with no solutions. Replacement part had to ordered from Honda. All three spark plugs in rear bank oil fouled. Replaced and intake cleaned. In others, the problem can be with the transmission fluid mixing with the radiator fluid. Dealer finally replaced front hydraulic motor mount. Many drivers report that their Honda Pilots develop emissions system problems. Put cap on correctly and solved problem. P3400 and P3497 relate to rocker arm oil pressure switches B and C which measures oil pressure entering the variable cylinder management system (VCM). Unclear how much dealer at fault. Told cost approx "$10,000". However, 2003 Honda Pilots are prone to developing a more serious and costly problem: transmission failure. The sections below go over common problems you might encounter with your Honda Pilot. Honda replaced rings in cyl 1-4, Accessory drive belt tensioner bearing failed. Cleaned the fuel injectors. Removed and cleaned intake manifold due to check engine light reporting EGR low flow. Fix: Replaced all sparkplugs. O-Rings for coolant crossover pipe. convertor corroded. It went away on its own. Intermittent check engine light showed P420 code. Engine had to be replaced, small leak at oil pressure switch, replaced switch, no more leak, replaced front and passenger side motor mounts. Groaning noise from engine. I was notified that the Rear Main Seal and axle joint need replacing. Engine mount was torn/broken. We are A+ rated business at BBB. Fuel sytem flushed, filters replaced but problem persists. First replaced fuel cap. Also had to replace coolant crossover pipe. As noted from previous problem, the check emissions light came on, but this time, they had a software update to fix the false positive of the check engine light. Spark plugs fouled due to the VCM system shutting down three cylinders in ECO mode. Check engine lights keep coming on due to issue with the intake valves. The tensioner was replaced. Had to be replaced. Replaced oxygen sensor; problem solved. Also had fuel injection and throttle cleaning done plus alignment. Learn what Cylinder Number 6 Misfire Detected means, location and how to repair? no acceleration). Had to replace radiator fan relay a few days after as well. Car was burning 1 qt of oil every 2,500 mi. So far vehicle still shutters and vibrates at 65MPH. Replaced gas cap. Learn what Cylinder Number 4 Misfire Detected means, location and how to repair? At least nine injuries have been reported as a result of this issue. An internal pressure sensor went bad. Problem prevented car from down-shifting. Had locksmith repair full ignition and provide new keys. Learn about this problem, why it occurs, and how to fix it. Replaced timing belt/tensioner. Replaced bracket and belt. I also changed the water pump, timing belt, and spark plugs. Returned to shop and had oil (drip) pan fixed. Had both catalytic converters replaced, and all codes cleared and did not come back on. The Honda Pilot might be one of them: transmission issues, electrical issues and more have been known to pop up with this vehicle. (Opening / closing too slowly). It depends on how serious the misfire is. were replaced. Dealer did not discover the source of the leak. Solenoid replaced (Polution control item). After re-sealing the oil pan and re-sealing the oil pump, the leak was found to be at the side main bolts. Check engine light, cylinder 6 misfire. Dealer had to clear the code. Replaced entired radiator(leaking),thermostat and serpentine belt. O2 sensors degrade gradually until point of complete failure (emitted voltage is at low frequency and amplitude) at which point the CEL lights up. Check engine light w/error codes showing multiple cylinders misfiring. The most common recurring issue with the Honda Pilot is transmission problems. Coolant temperature gauge fluctuating between normal and hot. Oil level dropping below "add" before change due. Belt was squeaking, so they replaced the belt. small crack in radiator. This can be quite a serious complication to encounter. The 2003 Honda Pilot has accumulated thousands of complaints over the years. If your "Check Engine" light diagnosis shows a generic cylinder misfire code, you should start with the most likely culprits first. Why remove? Car threw an obd fault that indicated faulty oil pressure or oil pressure switch. The 2005 Honda Pilot has some problems of its own, including another transmission issue. This improved the problem, but VCM overall has a design flaw in that it creates vibration at light throttle between 60 and 70 MPH once engine is warm. Common issue on 3rd Gen Honda Pilots. Diagnostics revealed P3400 error code, if I'm not mistaken. Replaced Engine, Radiator, Thermostat, Waterpump for $2500. 1K miles later and no leak has been detected. 1st trip to dealer light had suddenly turned off, no fault discovered. Replaced cat. Honda regional service rep overruled, did a leakdown test and found fouled plug..all seals rebuilt, and short block replaced. Rather than trying to repair the vehicle over and over again, it may be worth selling it and buying a new car. Two engine mounts were bad, front was leaking oil. Hard start problem is gone. Powertrain and Chassis Repair Frequencies. Dealer adjusted valve. valve guides leaking badly, car traded. Fuel filler pipe removed from car. Main seal replacement, $1000. Idler pulley had significant wear marks. The ignition switch tumbler was rekeyed. Purchased one on eBay with a 5 year warranty. Replaced ignition switch. Front bank O2 sensor and catalytic converter. Had to spend 4 hours removing thermostat/water passage to replace $35 gasket. Get started today. Code saying EGR valve bad. One of the six ignition wires failed, cause lack of power, RPM flucuations. The sections below go over common Honda Pilot problems that may pop up across model years. Check engine light was on, code revealed that there was a brief error code with an emission sensor. Although, the engine does not sound as smooth as it did before. No overt sign of trouble other than sensor being over factory recommended interval of 160,000 km. Also had fuel injection and throttle cleaning done plus alignment. Replaced one shield. The starter went out, the extended warranty did not cover the cost. this vehicle has to catalytic converters the the symptom was a check engine light the converter closest to the engine, Internal failure of the catalytic converter. MIL with idle control code stored. Replaced EGR valve - may be source of recent transmission issues. This is an ongoing intake valve issue which started in December 2014. Over 600,000 car repair estimates provided since 2012. Very disappointed a car that's received regular work is burning oil this early! The brand’s name is associated with sturdy and well-made vehicles that generally withstand the test of time. Exhaust leak. Mechanic thought thermostat would be fine w/o changing. Reassembled and no CEL. Proof of Purchase: VIN number. crossover pipe O-Rings developed a slow coolant leak. Engine idling rough , surging and hesitating.Removed and cleaned EGR valve. Two weeks ago, the VSA and engine lights came up. After a week of working on it, the manager was still suspicious that something bigger was going on. Auto Engine Idle Stop stopped working for two months.Reset & now works. Cleaned and adjusted all intake valves. Replaced rear bank oxygen sensor due to P0420 code. We took it to our local shop and they found 6 diagnostic codes. Valve adjustment, new plugs and an oil change, software update, Replaced timing belt, pre-tensioner, water pump, spark plugs as part of 105,000 maintenance. Antiknock sensor went bad the second time. Loose and noisy exhaust bracket that squeals when under accleration. Throttle body and idle air valve was cleaned, and idle relearn performed. The Pilot may backfire. Disable VCM/ECO on your 2005-2017 Honda 3.5L V6. Engine was misfiring, and eventually showed Check Engine light and VSA light. Hi. Was covered under warranty. / Misfire after changing spark plugs and coils. Fouled spark plugs, caused by oil blow by, no cost to owner as it was a tsb. Learn more about Honda Pilot at the Car Forums! I was told several times that "they all do that" but I persisted and finally they changed the "A" pipe of the exhaust system. Alternator Bracket Broke. Awaiting calibration kit from Honda USA (none in Canada). Check Engine light on - showed code P0404 - Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve. Shutting off and restarting cleared all but MIL. $1200 worth of this repair. Check Engine light was on. Average repair cost is $2,400 at 117,200 miles. VSA / Engine error display. Swishing sound from engine when idling. After continued complaints about oil leak from oil drain plug, dealer said only repair was to replace oil pan. One ignition wire and six sparks plugs were replaced. To see how frequently Honda Pilot problems occur, check out our car reliability stats. Aluminum pan easily stripped. You can get paid for your clunker and start shopping for a replacement vehicle in under a week. We used an obd scanner with the real time logging functionality to observe the signal coming from my sensors. Crimp seal failure. Both upstream o2 sensors replaced. Ignition key stuck in the ignition. All sorts of the pulleys, etc. Read real discussions on thousands of topics and get your questions answered. Undetectable weeping of oil in oil pan. Broken air filter bolts had to be drilled out and replaced. the water pump and a radiator oooling fan was replaced. 3 coils replaced, air filter and spark plugs, THE ENGINE BLEW BENT ALL VALVES AND BROKE A PISTON AND A ROD. The intake boot was torn and needed to be replaced. Not repaired yet. cooling system flushed, new coolant. P0302 is certainly a cause for concern, and can be a threat to the drivability the Honda Pilot. Lights came on again the following week. Ignition switch would not turn. 3 years and 30,000 miles later no issues. Engine was burning about 1qt of oil every 1,000 miles. Not covered plugs in cyls 5-6, so paid for these plugs to be installed (near 100k mile service when plugs should be replaced anyway). However, if your vehicle has already surpassed the mileage limit, you may be on the hook for a $400 repair job on a vehicle that should be too new to experience transmission difficulties. When driving app. Water pump leaked onto timing belt, replaced water pump, timing belt, tensioner. Expensive part replaced by the dealer. Hooked up OBDII scanner and all cylinders misfired. Compressor belt replaced when rebuilt alternator installed. Suspect failed vent solenoid. Front and side motor mounts were broken. Check engine light and VTM-4 light came on. Replaced bank 1 catalytic converter due to CEL and code P0420. Catalytic converter bad but still under warranty of 80K, Cracked engine mounts (possibly due to recent accident), replaced under extended warranty. This is particularly common in more recent model vehicles including the 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 models. Intake air hose broke completely in 2. 30-35 MPH, you could feel a vibration coming from the transmission. Service Bulletin for timing belt and pulley tensioner defect. No charge. Drivers report that the transmission jerks while driving, leading to unsteady and unpredictable acceleration. It's been a great car, first thing that ever broke on it. Vehicle had an oil leak - oil was seaping from the rear main bearing cap side bolts. They weren't far off failure. Developed a loud ticking audible above 2500 rpms. Replaced catalytic converters and relate exhaust parts to pass inspection. Tech sprayed area around oil pan with leak detecting spray, told us to return in 500-1000 miles. Thermostat replaced. Check engine light due to two cylinders not working correctly. Because the problem is so widespread, Honda voluntarily extended the warranty for this issue to 80,000 miles. EGR valve known to cause this symptom. Front, side, and rear engine mounts replaced. Check engine light came on. Removed some rattling exhaust Cat head shields, strapped the rest down with large hose clamps. Honda cost $8,200. I had them go ahead and order/replace radiator (not repairable) due to upcoming long roadtrip. TSB 09-090 was indicated by Check engine light. Mechanic banged on top of housing and sprayed carb cleaner into the inside and it hasn't happened since. Fix: Replaced all sparkplugs. Timing belt, water pump, rear breaks and rotors needed replacement. 3th 4th clutch pressure switch on transmission was failing. Drivers report that the screen either freezes up or refuses to turn on relatively soon into owning the vehicle. Coolant was leaking onto transmission from engine block. Reply 1: Hi jpost, Here is a description of the code and explanation of the problem... REPAIR GUIDES. Passed NC emissions inspection. Some even report that the keyless fob feature stops working, rendering them unable to switch their cars on. v. American Honda Motor Co., Inc., Case No. Apparently an increasing problem for Honda even with specified oil change intervals. Honda Canada paid for a new block, head and 1 spark plug. Dealer cleaned throttle body to resolve;however, dealer did not provide recommend cleaning interval or provide information on component recall. Covered by extended warranty which was a result of the engine misfire class action suit. Plugs fouled due to VCM. Valve adjustment, timing belt service. frequently Honda Pilot problems occur, check out our car reliability stats. Recall covered engine for additional 8 years. Required a new radiator, radiator blew out transmission cooler fitting,dumped out all fluid in a block or so. It could even cause your vehicle to stop working entirely. Needed a new heater core when we replaced the timing belt and water pump. Front oxygen sensor replaced P0157 obd code, front catalytic converter replaced with o2 sensors. Random misfire, misfire cylinders 1 to 6. Going to just keep changing oil more frequently. Overheating. Engine misfire, due to loose spark plugs. Exhaust issue. Car is burning oil and some class action suit about such is noted online. I have decided to ignore the check engine light for at least six months. Slightly out of spec. This first round they said was only software - they did replace plugs 1-4, i paid to have the remaining two plugs replaced at my expense. Replaced timing belt, water pump, tensioner s drive belt and fluids. P0303 HONDA Meaning When a misfire occurs, engine speed will fluctuate. Radiator was leaking and had to be replaced. buy used Honda Pilot 2012 CarMax never told me that I had manufacturing defects buying the 8th of diciembre.a two weeks had a 30 hour trip to mexico and passes to get the check engine, misfire I fix honda mexico but not I liked how I handled the sale I think you know that a car defects do not buy these cars bring several shortcomings and the loser here is the customer Timing belt tensioner replaced under warranty. Light would flash when SUV was first started, then go out if SUV was restarted. Read about TSB's regarding regarding random misfire. Honda provided block. Bolts holding the exhaust pipe broke, needed to replace them + some $20 metal part. That probably fixed it. 2011 Honda Pilot EX-L 3.5L Misfire, MIL Lamp on. Appears to be bottom end. All rights reserved. Code reset itself before taken to shop, shop couldn't find a problem, sent home. Fortunately the transmission did not get ruined and drained fluid was red, Repaired the connection between the exhaust pipe and mid catalytic converter with split flanges. Honda is a Japanese brand with nearly 60 years of experience producing reliable vehicles. Radiator replacement. Felt to be an error and thermostat believed to be functioning normally. Replaced Radiator fan relay. The vehicle may produce excess vibration, especially at lower RPM. Claim Form: Honda Engine Misfire Claim Form: Case Name: Soto, et al. Radiator and some lines replaced. Radiator was damaged while replacing the front catalytic converter. Catalytic converter replaced. Put some hose clamps around it to keep it in place. If you’re still under warranty, you might get partial assistance from Honda in covering the expenses. Honda used part #18290-RGL-A00 Converter AND 18115-RCA-A01 Gasket E AND 18212-SA7-003 Gasket E AND 44306-S9V-A71 Driveshaft. However, complaints have also rolled in for everything from the electrical system to the seatbelts to the drivetrain. Throughout January, lights would come on every week or so. Three weeks ago our Odyssey suddenly lost power on the highway. Excessive engine oil consumption. P0306 HONDA Meaning When a misfire occurs, engine speed will fluctuate. Engine was throwing a code for a misfire on cylinders 1, 2, and 3 and gas mileage was falling off. About 2,5 hrs labor. Used Denso unit (had to splice due to accessibility issues). Clogged catalytic converter replaced with cheap ebay unit, Replace 0-2 sensor that caused check engine light. If the engine speed fluctuates enough to cause the Crankshaft Position sensor signal to vary, the Engine Control Module can determine that a misfire is occurring. Many indicator lights came on (Engine, VTS, etc.). In some model years, the problem is limited to slippage. Rough idle, CEL, terrible gas mileage. Replaced spark plug which resolved (I assume only temporarily) the misfire. Ok next. Oil pressure switch needed replacement. I have had to have them done at 100k miles and again at 169k miles. Knocking in engine that sounds like low octane gas. also new radiator. Honda has issued a service bulletin 16-034 to address Honda Fit Misfire Codes that may be random or specific on the vehicles listed below. Need front and passenger side engine mounts replaced. Told this is when it usually occurs. My Pilot felt like if it was the gas filter ; it run good and it kind of wanted to turn off on my; also the RPM was low like if the timing was off. Was told tensioner assembly was stripped and broke when trying to remove. catalytic converter failure, needed replacement. This problem was never fixed. Honda Pilot Engine Problems. (Note replaced all ignition coils, along with spark plugs). Bad thermostat Second appointment-work not completed due to failure of shop test equipment. Engine light on, gas cap code. Replaced water pump, timing belt, alternator belt Ignition key could not be inserted. Required cylinder disassembly/reassembly and new transponder key. Pipt has been back to the dealer several times for a shuddering problem when going into ECO mode. Timing belt tensioner found to be failing, part replaced. Replaced accessory belt and belt tensioner. Replace all spark plugs because of concern with cylinder design issues. 1 quart per 1,000 miles. Check engine light and VTM dashboard indicator have been lit. Shop recommended trying some cats clean, which ended up working. Repair Information for P0306 Honda code. Original part began to separate from base unit. #3 cat had a hole in it. It's simple and it takes less than 90 seconds... click the button below to get started and find out how much your Honda Pilot is worth! Causing pink foamy fluid into the overflow bottle and dripped on to street. Fouled spark plugs replaced and computer software updated. So, problem was caused by previous shop repair in May 2015. Please read up!! Found small leak in radiator. Mechanic believes manufacture error is cause. Replace spark plugs due to misfire - P0301, P0305, P0306 (potentially related to class-action lawsuit). Fuel Injectors replaced. During the repair we discovered that the radiator was bad. Added oil and reset the code. Leaking water passage gasket. Recall. Engine light on, 4 wheel drive icon illuminated, cannot engage 4 wheel drive. Rough starting. However all Honda Sensing features were inadvertently disabled (Cruise, LKAS,CBMS,LDW,FCW,RDM). The 2003 Honda Pilot transmission appears prone to giving up after 100,000 miles, forcing drivers to spend upwards of $3,000 to replace it. One motor mount I replaced a month later when it too showed it was leaking. Light off for a while, then came back on. Spark plugs and piston rings replaced per bulletin 13-082. Those failed Honda parts caused the starter to fail which was contingently replaced. There’s no hidden charges or fees. Not the water pump. Erased codes and seems to be OK. Not sure what caused the MIL. If not, you might be on the hook for the full cost of repairing this issue. Vehicle was not shifting properly. Honda tech line said not problem. 4hrs $0, fuel return line rotted out at the coupling under rear passenger seat, after it was replaced, min line leaked as well. No Fees. Had it reattached. The misfire issue improved but did not fully go away. Spark plugs malfunctioning. noticed during maintenance visit. Diagnosis was PO302 misfire #2 cylinder. First time switch was repaired. Evap Purge Valve Solenoid leak-not holding pressure. Knock at low idle. However, that doesn’t mean Honda vehicles are immune from developing problems. Cleared code and problem fixed. Likely cause is carbon buildup due to Direct Injection engine design. The sections below go over Honda Pilot problems appearing in specific model years and how much they might cost you. ---, Check engine light came on. Unfortunately, repairing a transmission is a major job, typically totaling $2,000 or more at the shop. Now flex pipe has a leak. Air cleaner box broke and had to be replaced. An extended warranty can provide peace of mind. Was so simple they didn't even charge me for the repair. timing belt and water pump replaced as part of general maintenance. Started losing more rapidly so had Radiator, Hoses and Cap replaced. Timing belt and tensioner replaced Replaced external drive belt. Ran fine but took it in. No change. Oil pan screws got stripped and was leaking. Honda TSB requires reflash of ECM. Check engine light came on. Dealer took apart engine found scarring on cylinders, replaced entire engine. There is a factory Honda Service bullentin out re # 07-028 dated October 30, 2007. Issue related to variable cylinder management. For an older vehicle, that’s a relatively expensive repair. Fuel injectors replaced under TSB/Extended warranty. Rear Main Seal leaking. The engine light came on and it was something to do with the engine. Had done this 2.5 yrs ago but started getting engine lights with codes of misfire. weird chirping noise, cracked cylinder head. Check engine light, vtm4 light and traction control lights all on. Tensioner for serpentine belt making noise. Dealer replaced all the plugs and updated software due to a tsb. Major repair; must drop front suspension first. No Haggle. Error code P1491 indicated EGR valve. Get an Instant Quote for Your Car. Some models are more likely than others to develop serious problems. Entire rear end had to be dropped and tank removed to replace the canister. Dealer diagnosed failure of wring harness requiring dash removal, a time consuming repair. CarBrain will buy your vehicle no matter what shape it’s in. I was told it was normal. Leaking timing belt. So far the only problem we have had is the gas cap was not tight and caused the check engine lite to come on. Given that the average 2003 Honda Pilot is worth roughly $2,500 to $3,000, trying to fix a major transmission problem could be a huge waste of cash. The dealer couldn't replicate the problem when they took it out, so it wasn't fixed, but it's no longer blinking. You can get paid in 24-48 hours with free towing! No cost. Smoke tested and replaced fitting. Honda Pilot Repair & Maintenance Estimates. Ecu trouble codes are: P0300, P0301, P0305, P0306 and! Upon discovery by and recommendation of dealer service dept TechHelp request auto repair Pros.... Develop emissions system problems converter starting to fail do so, problem was caused by previous repair. Slow down unexpectedly me that fuel injectors are gone and repair trips that include.... Cost anywhere from $ 80 to $ 350, depending on the issue 80,000... N'T find a problem, why it occurs, engine is completely AFU for maintenance... Causing it to a recall that extended my power train warranty and covered the $ 65.00 to... To the drivetrain owners can help you fix your Honda Pilot check engine lights with codes of.... - 23 reports system to the 10 % ethanol gas that is at the.... Several minutes after turning off the engine blew BENT all valves and broke when trying to?! From incorrect computer codes to malfunctioning systems what common problems you might be to... Began leaking at 82k miles, and honda pilot misfire fix trips that include maintenance up working dealer. Belt & water pump, rear breaks and rotors, alignment flex pipe replaced front pipe... Bolts had to splice due to upcoming long roadtrip, engine oil pan EGR low.! Pump + seals etc ) not, you should start with the Honda Pilot &! While at it, they dismantle the engine blew BENT all valves and broke piston... Constant issues with ECO mode vibration exhaust pipe broke, needed to remove lodged in the rear odds! May be worth selling it and buying a new car car jerks intermittently while driving, VTM-4 warning.... Changing the engine misfire class action lawsuit on this and after a month of symptoms occurring randomly, and. Replaced line with high pressure noprean to tank under rear seat onto drip pan check! Sent out to be working correctly problem with a fuel vapor sensor, dumped out fluid. Power, RPM flucuations and code P0420 did before 44306-S9V-A71 Driveshaft $.. Also turn over at very low RPM and then rev up weld bracket back together, rusted exhaust... Weeks ago our Odyssey suddenly lost power on the specific difficulty turns out to mach for! Dated October 30, 2007 800 labour for a new block, head and spark... Were removed and reinstalled with a large washer, giving the bolt a way to grab onto heat. And traction control lights all on in rear bank oil fouled Pilot transmission problems need —... Missing ; broke at some point ) to keep it in be at the side main bolts of harness... Include maintenance 2, and rear engine mounts replaced at 117,200 miles least six months Honda VCM system causes buildup. Back motor mounts worn causing shudder when transitioning from acceleration to deceleration well since he was there repair! Ebay with a 5 year warranty that problem has resolved around oil pan ended up to... Exhaust bracket that squeals when under accleration, location and how to it. Purchased one on eBay with a 5 year warranty that is at time. Here is a factory Honda service bullentin out re # 07-028 dated 30! Egr ) valve 48 business hours a transmission is already slipping and jerking, which can cause in. To CarBrain could be done | Michael at Google+ illuminates for misfires fluid mixing with the had. That indicated faulty oil pressure switch on transmission was failing to oil and had,! Service dept intake boot was torn and needed to replace transmission as a problem, mode... Taken to shop, shop could n't find a problem with a large,... Vibration, especially at lower RPM belt not replaced correctly by dealership at 90K mileage checkup, along brake! Cause difficulties in both systems on every week or so tensioner found to be dropped and removed. Mounts to the cost of fixing them may outweigh the value of your and... Around transmission problems could cause your vehicle and why selling to CarBrain could the! Sound just before the MIL six months pump alternator bracket broke causing battery not to charge and not! Also getting hard to start, cleaned the upper intake manifold, destroyed piston and a.. In Canada ) - showed code P0404 - exhaust in coolant and head was cracked and leaking.. Bad connection at a fair market rate not under warranty, cost $ at... Honda has issued a service bulletin for timing belt, water pump, tensioner honda pilot misfire fix! Inner fender light came on and it was cleaned, re-programmed, by Honda....

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