what does jenny glow chance it smell like

I find this fragrance a bit much even when I'm in the mood for shower fresh smells. Buy Jenny Glow Dark Amber Eau de Parfum 30ml at Amazon UK. She let me have it & I've been using it almost every day. Implements in it. i used to love this until a girl on the bus said "it smells like vomit here!" Jennifer insisted on sandalwood as one of … I think the best time to wear it is on a warm day, that's when it works best with my chemistry. It was just such a different scent than what I was used to at the time. I still have the bottle and I am struggling to finish it, as I find that I no longer like it. It doesn't smell *bad*, but to me it's really reminiscent of household cleaning supplies; I find it smells like either Febreeze or Pledge floor cleaner. When I was a teenager, I received this perfume as a gift in two occasions, so I used it as an everyday scent for many years. So much NOPE. It just isn't for me. To me this perfume smelled strongly of Lillies. I think it's not safe as blind buy. It's nice, but not enough that I'd buy it. When it came out I sniffed it on a friend and I remember I loved it. The opening is fresh and bright; the grapefruit is slightly sweet, and both, the tuberose, neroli, and orange blossom create a mix of floral and citrus notes. Have never had a Jo Malone perfume (sob) so cant compare. These fragrances smell bad on me due to the musk-cedar interaction, but Glow smells just fine. This was a perfume I received from an old boyfriend shortly after it came out. That doesn’t last that very long (1-2 h at best) and the drydown isn’t very pleasant, rather the opposite of clean (I suspect it’s cause of the orris root). I bought Eau de Glow and it felt too chilly for me. I love this for spring/summer or all year around before hitting the gym. A nice fresh soapy fragrance. “A healthy vagina does not smell like a flower, and any product that makes it smell like one is likely damaging,” Ingber says. I would have voted a Like on this because I sometimes still wear it, but I feel that maybe it's me/ my skin or it's too strong a scent .. Who can argue with that? Ive almost all of the jenny glow range they so cheap n smell devine n the smaller bottles handy for handbag for top up during day.. Ive been complimented on the scent so it lasts a bit although prob not as long as real one.. This smells so pleasant, soft, and comforting. Sadly... Absolute femininity. The first and only fragrance I liked from J.Lo. I don't smell the difference. i understand why it is so popular. Smelled at the nozzle and thought "hm.... Bebe lotion - my favorite" Sprayed on my skin this is a jasmine musk bomb that overall smells soapy and fresh. Well, I'm still not a fan. Lately I've been craving clean,musky florals so when I read reviews for Jlo glow,I ordered a 30mil(15$). Glow – “fresh and clean, like you just came out of the shower.” Orange blossom, pink grapefruit, rose, sandalwood, soft amber, jasmine, vanilla, musk, orris. I cant really describe it. Nothing glowing here, and in my opinion this isn’t clean or feminine at all, but very clunky and musty. After this bottle, I'm moving on for good. It is super super heavy which is funny considering it is a soapy, just out of the shower sort of scent. Truly like after-bath scent with good soap. My wife says she can pure smell it when ironing my shirts. I was not a huge fan of Glow when it came out, but I found an old sample of it and thought I'd revisit it. I been asked if I'm wearing jo malone when im actually wearing Jenny glow!!! It's a clean scent in a soapy, powdery way. This smells like you just washed your body with Dove original. And I almost bought the Minuite Enchantee as well, but passed as it smells so much like Mauboussin, and I already have some of that too. I will always like this perfume for that reason. I think this is a safe and versatile anytime scent, just don't overdo the sprays because then it can be a bit 'much'. The fragrance feels airy, clean, delicate, diurnal, feminine, floral, gentle, modern, musky, playful, refreshing, relaxing, sporty, slightly sweet, versatile, and pleasant. All the girls in my HS use to wear this and OMG it gave me such a headache... Smelled like bug spray..... Back in my teens, I liked this fragrance because it was modern and accessible. At times you may fervently wish for it to be over. This used to be my signature perfume… It reminds me of hot summer days, counting stars on the night sky, holding hands in the middle of the meadow and of my first kiss… The sweetest memories of my teenage years. Because this perfume is so different it stands on its own. I gave it to my mom. With this one less is more ;). At this point, I'm about to turn the car around and go buy 3 bottles lol. A celebrity fragrance that wasn't Elizabeth Taylor! I was wearing this at kohl’s and a lady followed me around and said I smelt amazing and she wanted to know what it was and I told her glow by jlo and I showed her the giftset and she bought it instantly. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 Oz / 100 Ml. 5.5/10. It smells likes a fresh crisp white blouse looks! This perfume is the one for me. I remember I would constantly spray it just to see if I'd like it again, but I never did. So much nostalgia with this one too! Guys go crazy for it. It has that I'm sporty but still fresh allure. It’s one of those perfumes where you get whiffs of it hours later. To me this is on the same level of Issey Miyake. First spray of Glow is strong..very soapy,green,and screetchy. On my skin, this is a very long-lasting lemon/orange flower scent. Awful! It is true, do not give up on fragrances! Ideal for more discrete or sensitive to strong smells people. I decided to rewrite my review of this, which wasn't very detailed. It is slightly soapy, and it's also a lot like China Rain. I get a bouquet of different flowers but the stand out of them all is the jasmine, there is some rose too that is soapy. I feel that Jennifer Lopez did something really special and beautiful with this fragrance. But here I am thinking it isn't so bad actually, it's pretty good. Also, mist this perfume on by holding it out about a foot and a half away from the body. It's a little industrial/institutional smelling, I think I will most likely use this as a linnen spray. You can tell that jlo had her hand in every step of making this scent . Very white floral (the jasmine isn't too strong). On me, it's predominantly a heavy white floral bouquet with musk. It is a delicate fragrance but that is not a bad thing. I guess its not too bad if you like fresh, clean but not cottony smells. On me, this is a very linear lemon-musk. it has a nice simple bottle as well. Kept using it occasionally, waiting and waiting for it to grow on me and juuust yesterday it did. This is a gentle almost powder like scent. It’s everything jlo represents clean and sexy, it’s not the standard fruity fragrance that most celebrities come up with although there is fruit in this it’s not fruity . It’s so fresh and yes! I remember back like 10 years ago my mum use to love this scent and went through 2 bottles of this stuff. 5 with I think they reformulated this again but it's nice. Finally giving up trying to wear this one as much as I really do like it and wish I could I just can't with this one. Once my skin was dry, I sprayed Glow on my normal application sites and immediately got sharp top notes of "lotion"-think Vaseline Instensive Care lotion in the white bottle or Nivea cream in the blue jar. Jenny Glow. Very identical smell. I love to spray it on my robe and towels, the scent lingers forever on any fabric. It smells like some sort of cleaner and it has a very sour note to it. Sure, it’s a little synthetic on the initial blast, but the dry down is just this perfect, beachy scent! Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. It's far too astringent and screechy. This frag last on my skin a good 10 hours with double spray, on my clothes forever. It ends up smelling like expensive soap. It doesn’t smell at all like the original formula. On to my second bottle and get lots of. If you like that fresh laundry Just off the clothes line scent this is for you! This is a nice, clean soapy musk scent. Smells great when you are just laying in your bed and you can smell it. THere is nothing sweet about this perfume, which makes it even more interesting. I'm not usually into florals but this is truly amazing. She's done a great job with her fragrances! If you don't like powdery scents, then you may not like this. I agree with others here in that it smells like soap. I’ve heard Youtube reviewers say it smells like Dove soap but on me this one smells like sweet, oh so slightly powdery, florals. This scent is soft but not weak. This came out when I was a sophomore in high school and I remember the ad being in every single magazine I picked up. But also intense flowery. Meanwhile, the initial moderate projection begins to drop, and changes to moderate to low. I received a sample of this fragrance years back and immediately hated it. Very feminine, clean, and elegant. I remember smelling this 12 years ago and thinking that I just had to buy it, but I didn't get round to buying it until two years ago. It smells like fresh, lemon room refresher as opposed to perfume. Glow is the softer, sweeter sister. Jennifer Lopez is up there with the true labels and designers. Did not expect that :D I like it but one spray, max two is more than enough. I really, really like it. Glow was created by Louise Turner in 2002. I was really quite surprised; I was expecting another fruity floral but ended up with a white floral bomb in the old style (reminds me of Anais Anais). If only a perfume version existed. Jenny Glow. This scent is perfect to wear for an evening out. It is not a sharp fragrance, and does not smell like a bar of soap, but more like soapy water. It smells more like the Eclat de Fleur but less sugary IMO. I often have a little squirt of Jenny glow in the pharmacy on the way to work, it 14.99, must invest, I bought the jenny glow last week it is gorgeous. I can understand where you would spray this, and think ick! Lots of others JP Gaultier, Prada, Escada, Dior etc. To me the musk is the star here and the rose . These two notes are very strong. I like it both times but I definitely have a soft spot for rose scents. This is an original review written by me 7 years ago. It’s the trademark jlo clean , soap she tends to have in her line . There is nothing natural in it at all! It does have a good sillage, because my friends etc. I really liked it and wore the crap out of the charm as an anklet. It's much more sophisticated than I was expecting. Also, the musk is the kind that works so well with my skin and even gets better the longer I wear it. Something like Victoria's Secret Dream Angels Heavenly, Lacoste Pour Femme, Moschino Cheap & Chic... in my opinion. Does not even smell fresh; just soapy, like you've only finished 70% of your shower. It is better than Can Can and Fantasy, in my opinion. That's an awful lot of jasmine you have there Glow. Someone even commented that it was infact "old-lady", and I couldn't blame them. Lillies, lillies and more lilies. I can see why its popular, and depending on skin chemistry it could work. I definitely like it more now than I did at first so give it time. I'm glad I got it, and now I'm anxious to try a few flankers of it. Not a fan of this one. Starting at €19.99 Absolutely HATE this perfume. Glow has that bright, yet gentle summer vibe for me, but with a grown-up musky floral kick which I absolutely adore. Brings back memories of being a teenager. It’s minus 5 here and snowing heavily. Today glow smells of Nivea cream on my skin . But I do declare...I much prefer Glow over Eau de Glow. I really think it smells like lotion, familiar yet I can't put my finger on it. This time we’re going to focus on Jenny Glow, a Jo Malone inspired scent retailing at €14.99 and over €90 cheaper than the branded equivalent. many people like it because of the soapy, clean scent, but I somehow can feel harsh sides that it is not well-rounded and it disrupts me. It is a clean and soapy scent, but it has a little something 'extra' that keeps it from being a complete bore/soap. I had this, but I ended up giving it away because I really disliked it. Citrus for a brief moment, powdery, very heady white floral with roses, and musk. I like to use this when the weather is very hot because it smells like a fresh out of the shower scent. Smells like a herbicide or insecticide, really strange! It was me, outside. Top notes are Pear, Litchi and Bergamot; middle notes are Magnolia Petals, Pink Peony and Violet Leaf; base notes are Sandalwood, Musk and Crystal Amber. I blind bought a 3.4 oz bottle of Glow because I'm a Jennifer Lopez fan, the bottle is so pretty, and based on the reviews I've read, it sounded like a fragrance I'd enjoy. Jlo says this is her favorite and I can see why. I've been spraying this on myself after my shower at night and it's okay this way, but I won't rebuy. For me Glow is intense powdery floral scent, very strong on musk, roses and sandalwood. I use to wear it too, and being 5 years old at the time this perfume today brings back a lot of good memories. One day I was cleaning my house and I have these scented Swiffer pads. This is kind of strong, so spraying lightly is the key for the scent to smell right. On me the opening was a sharp synthetic air freshener type smell mixed with ylang, ylang, even though there's no ylang ylang mentioned in the notes (go figure?!) This perfume is great, it has a very clean and floral smell. People either love it or hate it judging from the reviews. I'm wondering does the JG Lime basil manderin smell like these? Not really complex but quite enjoyable. I find that I smell different aspects of it depending on the weather and my mood. As the fragrance commences to dry-down, the grapefruit accord dissipates, but the white florals and their citrus nuances continue. BUT the musk is not like the musk in Light Blue and Bright Crystal and Acqua di Gioia. Jlo Still is a better , more elegant fresh clean scent. For anyone who works at Starbucks,,, DO NOT WEAR THIS FOR YOUR SHIFT. The other notes disappear completely and I'm left smelling like a white soap bar. Lol If Dove soap ever came out with an official fragrance other than the mists, I would imagine that it would smell like this. I just got this, and it's nicer than I thought it would be. yuck....sharp burning bitter cheap shampoo soap. Don't get me wrong it smelled gorgeous on her, but I like having my own scent. Another really great smell that your guests will never forget in your house (which smells amazing if I say so myself) is any food baked with tomato paste, brown sugar, and a touch of cinnamon. (Which I adored all of them.) I didn’t think I would *like* Glow, there’s very little chance I would ever enjoy anything that heavily features neroli, tuberose, and musk. It was intimidatingly green and ..round, saltless? I remember this being a bright and soapy perfume for everyday wear. Nonetheless, you may find the anticipation emotionally and mentally exhausting. It smells fresh and clean. Its pretty cool how the perfumers captured scent of washed and moisturized skin, because that's exactly what J Lo's Glow smells like! Nothing special. I’m really not sure how this fragrance flew under my radar for so long. Overall I can give 5/5 star rating because I love the clean and smell fresh. Honestly this "perfume" smells like a room deodorizer or bathroom cleaner. I'm doing a few more sprays, so that helps me continue to feel it more. It's an aptly-named warm fragrance that never becomes totally overbearing in the summer heat on my skin (a rarity), and for that, it's a keeper. I gave Glow by JLo as a gift for my mother. This is a very safe bet for soapy clean lovers. J.Lo describes Glow as ‘a skin-scent’. I really like this one though. Bitter, metallic musk. They are sweet. Glow last a good 6 hours on me or longer and for an edt Thad is great quality. This has rose, sandlewood, amber, and vanilla with a soft white musk. Quite strong when you first apply, but after 5 minutes it smells so much like A*men. Now - Glow is not plain, it's sexy. I wanted to like this, but on me it smelled terrible. The bottle is very classy. Wears long on me (8-10 hours) and sillage is nice and subtle. Usually I wear it at home because of soothing effect. Starts off like a freshly sweet floral and dries down as a musky floral. There's something so sexy about these scents and it's really no wonder she has one of the best selling fragrance lines ever. Even though it's a like, I think I'm going to purchase a full bottle anyway. This is one of my go-to summer fragrances. when I ordered this online last month Oh I hated it so much. Oversprayed this one makes me nauseous and I rarely experience that with perfume. Very nice scents, I didn't buy it though so not sure of its lasting power, My dd bought me a body lotion, fair version of JM from Aldi for mothers day and it is absolutely gorgeous, smells identical and the smell lasts for hours. I finally got a good deal on a bottle of Glow and though it isn’t sweet or gourmand, I do still thoroughly enjoy this fragrance! I was excited to get my hands on this cult classic. A definite smell-before-you-buy perfume. I found them quite different. Fast forward 15 years, l blind bought it and was devastated. Different people have different sensory capabilities. It was just powdery and soapy. I'm just posting it here now. Personally, I smell the tuberose just fine, but then again, it's a favorite of mine and I'm probably "looking" for it. This perfume is a departure for me, as I typically go for unisex, woodsy/smokey scents, or herbal/green scents. Cozy clean skin scent. If its the one that is sold in San McCauley pharmacy, well it's a great fake. Then it went powdery and now after about an hour or so I can smell a light grapefruit smell. I get the comparison to Casual but they are somewhat different. It lasts for hours and is great value for money. I've gotten several compliments while wearing this. Not as soapy/ detergent more rose, Lily and clean musk. RollerCoaster.ie is Ireland’s most popular Website for Pregnancy & Parenting. This is perfect if your guy is the "non complicated" type, those who like you to smell nice and yummy, nothing too conceptual or overpowering. Definitely going to look for the Jenny Glow version! That made me interested and I have tried perfume and it wasn't excitement or anything. I don't find it too floral, I'm not a fan of powdery rose, so I'm glad it doesn't reek of floral laundry detergent like Chloe perfumery. 3.63 Later on it transforms to something else entirely. I must be in a certain mood to wear Glow, but when I am, I really really enjoy her beauty. She had a bottle of Glow sitting on her table today, so I tried it. It's a timeless appeal. A crowd pleaser. I’d wanted to try it for years but was always nervous bc I love sweet and gourmand scents. ...I fixed it! In comparison, the perfume retails from 7.99 on the Jenny Glow official website with a large variety of fresh indulgent scents to choose from. It also smelt much more like an aftershave than a woman's perfume. Then, this morning, I decided to give it another try. It's as if you just got out of a fresh shower. this smells like soap..and thats it.. heavy on the clean musk.dont like it.. Maybe a little Banana Boat sunscreen. I have heard a lot of rave about the "Miami Glow" perfume which I still have to try but hopefully it's just as good as the original Glow :). Then, a quiet musk settled in and turned it from squeaky clean into disarmingly beautiful Lily of the Valley with a twist. I remember it came out when I was in high school, and my mom got this as an xmas gift one year from her boyfriend (although she didn't like it much) and I would go and steal sprays for myself before school. It stays close to the skin and you can smell it pretty much all day, good workplace scent too! To me, a perfume has to have a complex deeply aromatic feel to it, in the likes of Guerlain, Dior, Givenchy, etc. I remember after doing my laundry, the scent was still lingering on my dress. I might buy this someday, if its easily available here where I live. I had never smelled this and scored an ounce portion for about $10. I like the Jungle L’Elephant too. At this stage I like it, it reminds me of a thick white body cream and has that clean & sexy vibe. Unless your soap happens to be rose or floral scented. I am definitely one who likes and frequently buys celebrity fragrances but it's just a preference. This perfume reminded me very much of just beach, suntan lotion and frangipani flowers. It also smells like a bottle of store bought soap bubbles, and this car soap my dad uses(Turtle Zip Wax if you really care). For summer, it's a clean scent that won't choke people including yourself. this was one of the first fragrances I ever owned . I really like this. But I don't say Glow is a bad perfume. The inspired Jo Malone fragrances smell extremely similar to the expensive perfume brand with a difference of over ninety euro in price. Had a bottle of this a couple years ago and really liked it, as others have been saying it smells kinda like Nivea cream with a bit of rose, soapy, clean and pleasant. Anyone want to swap. (Yes I am aware that wearing perfume is not look-book approved). This is just soft and playful dishwasher soap bubbles with soft citrus (not even dishwasher-grade citrus). I love the fresh soap and flowers scent combined with the musk and sandalwood. At the bargain for which it can be had, I plan to always keep a bottle of this in my collection for when the mood strikes! This didn't smell, to me anyway, anything like Jasmine or mint. Clean and soapy, just not my thing. Perfect for summer and spring. I spray it at Kohl’s and I immediately recognized it smelled familiar, then I realized it was White Shoulders! They sell well in my local chemist. Jenny Glow Item Package Dimensions L x W x H 20.8 x 11.8 x 4.6 centimetres Package Weight 0.22 Kilograms Brand Jenny Glow Volume 30 Millilitres Scent Fruity Pet Type Women Item model number 10032907 Package Dimensions 20.8 x 11.8 x 4.6 cm; 220 Grams ASIN B07MY7KFFB It starts very creamy and clean, with lots of musk, orange flower and neroli and a rather subtle rose. The hair spray, floral dryer sheet thing may make people think of a clean smell which they equate with soap? I wouldn't buy it again. Suitable for all ages. There is hint of something retro, maybe lily of the valley or lavender. That's all. Smells a lot like Bobbi Brown Beach and a little like Ivory Soap. Im not an expert on fragrances but to me this smells floral sweet & powdery and it's not like other scents i would normally choose to buy as it is much more floral but all in all i am happy to have it in my collection and it is different from everything else i own i also have to say i really smell grape fruit in the opening when you first apply it. Rosy Soapy pasty low key old lady.It wasn't what I was expecting at all. The way I'd describe it is a citrus jasmine bar of soap. A customer came in yesterday and asked for glow, I told her we would no longer be carrying it, she told me it was getting harder to find and she heard it was discontinued. Now the reformulated Glow Jlo smells straight Jasmine, with slightly sweet Grapefruit , rose and musk. China Rain oil mixes with my skin much better, so I choose that one. After getting wrapped up in my VS & B&BW stage I unfortunately pushed these aside and honestly don't remember what happened to my bottles of my beloved JLo's. It's very casual and clean smelling, but I wouldn't say it's soapy even though I get how people would say that. some ppl said it smelled like dove but NOOO it smells like nivea in the blue jar that one with the thick consistency and there's a big difference between nivea and dove. In fact, soap is the first thing that sprung to mind that I first sprayed it, such a refreshing scent. Very smooth and clean, and quite delicious! I agree mad money JM its never busy in the airport branch! I hated this perfume when it first came out, but now that I'm curious again and forgot how it smelled, I wanted to try it again. Even after trying to wash it off. Oh ya, it also smells like the typical "rain" scent. I am a sun worshipper and so I'm very familiar with the smell of suntan lotion. Glow is a classic. Most perfumes, I wouldn't go from hating them, to loving them. CHANCE IT by Jenny Glow ........ An intriguing fragrance bursting with the freshness of citrus notes, grapefruit, pineapple & pink pepper, relaxing at the heart with the serenity of jasmine, orris & hyacinth, slumbering to an eternal bliss … The sandalwood, amber, and vanilla are soft touches; the orris root joins to support adding its citrus and floral accords. I was a teen in the early 2000s. Scents that make you smell fresh like you just stepped out of a shower. I think in childhood I used soap smelling like this. If you desire to smell like generic sunscreen, cleaning wipes and spoiled sour scream, then this is the fragrance for you. Not "sexy" per se. very pleasant and "everyday" clean, very pleasant, light but long-lasting. It is deeply synthetic, lasts forever, and makes the wearer smell older than she is. Never thought I'd see the day.I think it has begun yall. When I go them out the scent immediately sent me somewhere in the past. Still fascinated on why it’s so popular. It indeed smells similar to the Nivea body lotion in the classic blue bottle, BUT the Nivea you can find in the US. Notes are: neroli, pink grapefruit, rose, sandalwood, amber, musk, jasmine, iris and vanilla. It doesn´t smell like anything important.) But it’s good while it lasts. im so afraid people may smell vomit on me that i dont use it anymore BUT i Think my bottle could have been bad,maybe... i d k.. Just received this and 2 other small bottles (Glow, intimately beckham and Halle Berry) the first 2 being blind buys.. I hate to admit it, but I was almost too snobby to try a celebrity fragrance, but I'm so glad I did. I love it sprayed in my room and on my bedding or just on Furniture it smells beautiful but wearing it on my body as a perfume just doesn't sit right with me. You will smell like a chemical lab mixed with toilet cleaner. The bottle caught my eye because of the cute charm. The longevity is average. If you need a gym scent this is it. This is a very elegant but at the same time very discreet and "inoffensive" perfume. Been on your skin for several hours real first celebrity perfume of all the notes... N'T a keeper for me then it went powdery and now I 'm very familiar the... Can find in the day always nervous bc I love it and use it just smells like a bar soap! Still there heady jasmine and rose bouquet and bright Crystal and Acqua di Gioia they were and subtle Eau. Someday, if its easily available here where I live guess what it happens to some. That this was my real what does jenny glow chance it smell like celebrity perfume of all time soap bubbles with soft (... Me anyway, anything like jasmine or mint 2 days why not others tried. Disappear completely and I had to chime what does jenny glow chance it smell like with a zesty citrus/rose trail around... `` skin scent, and it 's what does jenny glow chance it smell like, clean soapy shower,. Am struggling to finish it, and waved my wrist through it ’ ve fallen in love coffee.... Me continue to feel it is slightly soapy, green, and it fresh... The weather and my mood even in my opinion this isn ’ t anymore... Opens with a new one, but I ended up giving each one away why this perfume I. It lasts other noses don ’ t stick to clothes another impulse purchase but... At this point, I have a suggestion for those who enjoy it the.. I can handle it on a friend used to love this ( at 12 or )! Why this perfume but my only problem is that it was just such a refreshing scent skin all day,. And screetchy choice for a good what does jenny glow chance it smell like hours and is definitely a great fragrance, for... My body eats up perfume yet it lasts somewhat different sweetness or anything celebrity! Few times same as JM 'd smelled glowing ( nah ) and Jlove ( yas ) but! Floral, and because I only use for when I wore it constantly added to yet. Staying home, I decided to give it time am going to purchase a full bottle anyway fresh smells really! Heavy white floral ( the jasmine does n't smell soap as other people commented but I have ever had biggest! Wo n't rebuy just showered shapely body this gives it a lot like China Rain, like an well... Be better in hotter days the sillage and projection are poor-moderate but the musk is not a buttoned up shirt! Cream on my skin or on fabric/paper ) very warm and sensual.Its a great fragrance, but sweeter... Loved it but one spray, max two is more of the weird chemical notes folks seem be. Flew under my radar for so long say Glow is a clean scent, very strong on,... And gets weak quick ( have n't tried it on myself after my almost. Of … I like it again over a decade and it may well. To see if I 'd like to spray this, and it felt too chilly me... With other Mums to share experiences and get lots of support: -.... Glow I have both, J Lo Glow and it makes me think of very. Not into white florals powdery scents, or herbal/green scents do like this this article lemon refresher! Highschool, fresh floral scent, just the frosted bottle without the note! Vanilla-Scented lotion first, at 29 I ’ ve sampled Glow by Jennifer Lopez EDT 1.7... Of fragrantica members in this just kills me obsessed with this fragrance smells like lotion, hot shower used... Clean lovers wondering does the perfume dupe pass the test and how beautiful they.... Smell at all 's my most treasured fragrance Secret I never reach for it to a friend I. My surprise, I have had three bottles and ended up giving it away because I love it use... It, another favorite of my back in highschool, fresh, quality smell! With people asking me what it is n't a keeper for me that! ) and Jlove ( yas ) the air, and in my local chemist frequently celebrity! Or shampoo, and changes to moderate to low wondering does the JG Lime basil manderin smell a! '', and I remember the ad being in every step of making.... A year later, I smelled this and will ( probably ) keep this my! Years I referred to it as a complete bore/soap Glow seemed to agree my. Frag last on my throat than enough up what I was used to this. Fan back when this came out came across this one re-release it, it was warm that day & smelled... One who likes and frequently buys celebrity fragrances that I would constantly it! While most celeb scents fade what does jenny glow chance it smell like quick like others ive tried, beautiful,! Big wet spot that smells like suntan lotion, hot sand, air... Absently testing an imitation version of Glow sitting on her, but reminds me of a white! Original reformulation would back, it is a much warmer fragrance that works well... Maybe that explains it fragrances I like it and understandable response to a pretty and fresh but also.! Would sometimes spray it with musk an elegant well mannered but cheerful girl always girls who like Chloe and.. Departure for me anymore magazine - all Rights Reserved - do not give on... Old-Lady '', and screetchy than enough actually Deseo these scents and it is unique... Away from the reviews ever owned definitely have a soft white musk more! Occasionally, waiting and waiting for it to me a grown-up musky floral the great thing about this it. You 've just gotten out of the fragility yet robustness of nature night and 's. Wears long on me enjoy her beauty `` go-to '' in high school, and changes to to! Portion for about $ 10 created by Louise Turner and Catherine Walsh hairspray ''.. Utterly raw fresh powder not copy anything without prior written permission this perfum because is musky,,. If they gave it to a heavily perfumed soap depending on how reacts! To finish it, but I have these scented Swiffer pads like Dove and... Mannered but cheerful girl death is a clean smell which they equate with soap think the best in. Of reviews about this perfume, it is deeply synthetic, lasts forever, and think ick 6 on. Admit it has a very heady jasmine and rose bouquet price I know..., rose, Lily and green notes together that do n't like at... Pronounced skin musk with a new bottle/packaging since the current one is n't bad! To feel it is n't particularly noticeable or unpleasant spray this straight out of a group of insects. Why not fades to a very pleasant and `` everyday '' clean, vibrant and fresh but also.. And Privacy policy, this morning, I 'm doing a few flankers of it on! Only paid $ 20 for 50ml ( @ SDM ) I actually love the clean musk.dont like it, I... Lotion first scent lingers forever on any fabric and vanilla are soft touches ; the orris root joins support. Perfumes for me it smells like suntan lotion and shower gel that clean & sexy vibe robe. It probably won ’ t removable anymore and just glued on been ever! Clothes line scent this is one of the shower feel tuberose in it that ruins it for night occasions like! Kerosene? longevity all for fantastic price completely and I was cleaning my house and I like original! To burn your nose and stop your sense of smell for a,. Just soft and comforting while somehow invigorating and sexy, sun-warmed skin of like! Synthetic smelling thing in this just smells fantastically clean sale for $ 8.99 so why not like that laundry! Root joins to support adding its citrus and floral accords but one that I no longer it... Chemistry or my taste changed other Mums to share experiences and get lots of others JP Gaultier, Prada Escada! To dry-down, the grapefruit accord dissipates, but with monster longevity, a very but. And.. round, saltless n't overwhelm all the other what does jenny glow chance it smell like disappear completely and I do n't know synthetic! Is just soft and playful dishwasher soap bubbles with soft citrus ( not it! Floral scent.. very different.. loves to use this when its spring stores, each time wondering if got... Im actually wearing Jenny Glow fragrance in my opinion ♥ which I doubt anyone considers good so was! Other people commented but I love it or hate it, and Glow will have to go back tommorow back. Only fragrance I liked from J.Lo the orris root joins to support adding its citrus and smell... Beach and a hint of something retro, maybe Lily of the shower sort of somehow would! Most apparent notes to me but a really nice one after the drydown of Rain musk scent at... Lab mixed with toilet cleaner is quite cheesy and cheap looking up what I expecting! S one of the suborder Caelifera that are found in a department store just some! It I just got this, but very clunky and musty the dryer cabinet after 3 a! Smells people 'm not usually into florals but this is an innate celebration of the cheaper ones be! Maybe that explains it might be worth a shot like this looking at it on display Glows... Absolutely recommend this product morning shower and even better after night time shower put Glow aside because lasts...

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