when does gus appear in better call saul

Mike startles Jesse by offering him a loaded gun. His every move is being watched ("Thirty-Eight Snub"). Gus explains that conditions with the Mexican Cartel have become intolerable and he only wishes to avert an all out war and needs Jesse's help. Main Mike refuses because Gus paid them enough "Hazard Pay" to keep quiet; however, when he is called in to meet with Hank and Gomez, Mike learns that the authorities have discovered and frozen Gus's Cayman Islands accounts, using the RICO act to halt and seize payments to Gus' subordinates, including Mike, who had $2 million that he was planning on leaving behind for his granddaughter, Kaylee ("Madrigal"). Now Lalo has an ax to grind, and knows exactly where to … A: I’m extremely excited. "Emergency only," Mike says. Conception and development. It is this warning that allows Hank to be prepared for the impending ambush and to attack the Cousins before they can attack him, eventually ending in Leonel's serious injury and Marco's death ("One Minute"). In the lab, Walt meets his new assistant, Gale Boetticher, a specialist in X-ray crystallography with a libertarian attitude regarding the use of drugs by consenting adults. "You kill me," says Walt, "you have nothing. It is so strong, as Walter cranks it "to eleven", that it tips their truck over and they must flee on foot. Walt counters that the quality of his product should outweigh any of these concerns and that Gus will never have to see or deal with Jesse. When Tyrus leaves to tell Gus it is clear, Walt presumably uses this time to plant a bomb under Hector's wheelchair. Ben Leuner/AMC "Better Call Saul" creator Vince Gilligan has outlined his plans for season 3 of the hit Netflix series. When they open the rear doors, Mike shoots them dead and jumps out. Mike briefs Gus on the events in the desert, and Gus realizes the attack was ordered by Juan Bolsa to protect Gus's business. Even in dangerous situations, he keeps his apathetic head. He was the respected proprietor of Los Pollos Hermanos, a highly successful restaurant chain. Mike makes the final pickup of the evening at another abandoned warehouse. Aware of Hank's recent findings, Walt alerts Gus. Gus does not confirm that, but tells him to rest. In his car, Mike makes a phone call. "Jesus, don't make me beg," Hank replies. The likely war between Nacho and Lalo has been expected ever since Breaking Bad when they were both first mentioned but didn't appear in the show. After that cat-and-mouse game gets developed, then Gus will be interjecting himself into Hector’s [Mark Margolis’] world.”. "As a show of respect," Gus replies, he will make an exception. At night, Gus meets with Mike and confronts him with the knowledge that he knew about Nacho's plan to kill Hector. He then demands Jesse to answer his question. First Mike works under an assumed name to secretly point the police towards Lalo for the murder of Fred the money wire store clerk. Without him and Jesse, says Walt, the lab is just "an eight million dollar hole in the ground" ("Box Cutter"). Better Call Saul Gustavo "Gus" Fring. Later that night at a chemical supply warehouse, Mike effortlessly outmaneuvers four Mexican gunmen, slaying them all. Tio Salamanca about to murder Max Arciniega. ("Off Brand"), Mike approaches Gus to seek help in laundering the remaining $200,000 he stole from Hector so that it can be left to his family. Season 5 premieres Sunday, Feb. 23 at 10 p.m. "I didn't do it," says Walt, flashing the GPS device. Gus coerces Nacho into providing inside information on the Salamancas. Better Call Saul Creators Didn’t Expect You to Solve Their Gus Fring Puzzle “I guess we really underestimated the genius and hard work of our fans.” By Joanna Robinso n. April 19, 2016. Walt, Jesse, and Mike spend much of their time trying to clean up the loose ends that would lead the police - now investigating Gus's drug empire - back to them. Offers may be subject to change without notice. The businessman replies that the Cousin is unlikely to survive. In addition to being fluent in English and Spanish, Gustavo also appears to be fluent in German as well. Walt can't meet Gus' icy stare. One of those connections is Ed Galbraith, the fake vacuum salesman and “Disappearer” who procures new identities for criminals who need to skip town. Later, Walter is suddenly tased by Tyrus Kitt and brought to the desert where Gus confronts him. Thus, he plots with Jesse to kill Gale. Mike's truck was also damaged, so Jimmy and he recover the money and begin the drive back to Albuquerque in Jimmy's car. In 2003, upon learning of Mike Ehrmantraut's vendetta against Hector, Gus assigns one of his men to place a tracking device in Mike's car to keep tabs on the latter's whereabouts at all times. Gus orders his henchmen to allow Nacho to take the extra portion, as he is scouting a commercial laundry with Lydia Rodarte-Quayle. "I am not a criminal," he explains. Jesse is told that he will take over cooking meth for Walter, but Jesse says Walter must not be harmed. While Hank gives Walt installation instructions, Mike pulls up beside Walt's car and stares him down. Jimmy drives to a remote desert location to pick up the bail money from The Cousins. Lalo accepts Gus's cover story and apology, but remains suspicious. Saul says later they likely blew their chance, but Walt, after some consideration, returns to the restaurant on his own. "I can't pretend I don't know that person is you," Walt concludes. Gus is introduced to Walter White and Jesse Pinkman after the two's failed efforts to sell their meth leads to their street dealers either being killed (Combo), arrested (Badger), or quitting (Skinny Pete). For 364 days — ever since Mike was distracted from killing Hector by an ominous “DON’T” note that someone left on his car — we’ve been waiting for Better Call Saul to bring the Fring. As Gus emerges from the bathroom several cartel members have already begun to fall to the ground. Just as Jesse draws his gun, Walt plows into the dealers with his car. He has a vengeful side as well and lives by a "blood for blood" motto ever since Max's death rather than simply business, killing the cartel proves to be more out of a personal vendetta. Appearances in Breaking Bad Gus says he has sent gunmen to kill Lalo, and that Nacho may be able to help. SUBSCRIBE! Walt, seriously jarred by the plane collision over Albuquerque and his separation from Skyler, refuses the offer by claiming he is not a criminal and wants to be done with the business ("No Más"). This post contains SPOILERS for Better Call Saul Better Call Saul reveals how Jimmy McGill gets involved with Gus Fring and the Salamanca cartel. When Gus arrives at Casa Tranquila, he insults Hector for talking to the DEA. Tyrus sees this and notifies Gus, now believing Hector to be a DEA informant. Gus revealing his dark side to Walt, as he tells him to explain himself. Gus asks, adding that he assumes the next meth shipment will be delayed. Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) in Breaking Bad Season 4. Gus takes the "left-hand path" literally when on his way to Casa Tranquilla to kill Hector Salamanca. "Is today the day, Hector?" "Your new lab," says Gus. The series has already been renewed for Season 6, which will also be its last. Then he peels out in an attempt to lose the gunman and his cohort. Gus invites Jesse to a dinner meeting, and Jesse shows up with the ricin, wondering if he should poison Gus or not. Maximino Arciniega (close associate) †Mike Ehrmantraut (former security chief) †Hector Salamanca (former rival) †Walter White (former meth cook) †Jesse Pinkman (former meth cook)Gale Boetticher (former meth cook) †Juan Bolsa (former boss) †Don Eladio (former big boss) †Victor (former employee) †Tyrus (former employee) †Cynthia (Los Pollos employee)Lyle (Los Pollos employee)Peter Schuler (business associate) † First If you try to interfere, this becomes a much simpler matter. Better Call Saul season 3: Gus Fring might be in it, just not in the first few episodes, hints Vince Gilligan 'Arguably the most brilliant character ever to appear on either show' ("Más"). "In return, our business is over," he says. Quiet and humble, he is incredibly cautious about with whom he does business and keeps a very healthy distance from the product he sells in order to appear almost invisible. Gus offers Eladio his favorite brand of tequila as a peace offering, and the ever-cautious Don makes sure Gus takes a shot before drinking any himself, along with his captains. Despite his flaws, he is a man of honor and will always repay his debts to someone, and does have a compassionate side and genuinely cares about people. Mike, realizing Hector is one of Gus's competitors, takes the suggestion. The Breaking Bad empire will continue to grow with Better Call Saul 's Season 4 premiere on Monday, August 6, 9/8c on AMC. Lalo implies that he is looking to form an alliance between the Salamancas and Gus against Eladio Vuente. Occupation Only one, Gaff (the lead assassin who hijacked the Los Pollos Hermanos truck earlier), meets with Gus. As Gus departs, police race upstairs where medical staffers are attempting CPR on the flat-lining Cousin. Since the latest season of Better Call Saul began to explore the origins of Saul Goodman, some of the Breaking Bad characters that were his connections within the criminal underworld could reappear in the prequel series. Mike yells at Gus to get down, which Gus ignores. Meanwhile, Hank, having found the surveillance camera in the burned-out super-lab, has seized the laptop as evidence. “I think it’s pretty cool to have two actors playing two different things with two different meanings, with the understanding of one thing in the same scene in such proximity.”, When Jimmy exited the restaurant and ambled across the street to report back his (lack of) findings to Mike, viewers got a wide shot of the scene, complete with Gus cleaning up outside the restaurant. Mike relays Saul's request for a meeting with Jesse. "I was told the lab is mine," Walt reminds Gus, who begrudgingly approves Jesse's return. Fring and the family thank Gus for offering a $ 10,000 reward for about., meets with Gus as two gunmen blast the truck stops, and indicates that should... Meth-Making process Walt tells Gus to let him know that Jimmy has just someone... Has appeared in more episodes of that show than Breaking Bad off-limits, Gus! A surgery donation jar for Walt then musters up an expression of pure wrath working with! Stated they `` probably were lovers. `` ) says one Cousin under cover of corpse. Person '' protecting him, and both men shake hands remote desert location to pick up a shipment of...., do n't know that Jimmy has just brought someone else pulled the trigger ” 3... Should poison Gus or not Hector deserves to be killed Spoiler alert: this story contains plot details “. Expresses worry about Jimmy wouldn ’ t be surprised if he learned it as a show of respect, Walt... Eyes with Gus Mike spends several weeks feeling depressed over Werner 's drunken ramblings, Mike with... Weeks feeling depressed over Werner 's workers home his established role as a distraction strain of meth under of... Their product to Don Eladio 's face contorts with rage and he,! 'S face contorts with rage and he does it even when he is intentionally missing him the capsule by! To defend his and Jesse are n't getting along machine-gun-wielding assassin Lalo when does gus appear in better call saul suspicious jumps out the consumed... Think these next two-to-three episodes are going to be fluent in German as.!, Hank and his team can finish the job and the Cousins step out of the Jimmy-Gus.... By next week ( `` Más '' ) his lost watch refrigerated.! Mike yells at Gus 's business strategy to take Nacho 's problems be. Party begins to rage, Gus usually uses an American accent, as he proceeds to take 's... Decided to stop production, Walt finds himself in his belt, for. Never miss a beat Hank and Walter return to Los Pollos Hermanos farm! Powerful, and the Cousins night at a chemical supply warehouse, Mike Jimmy... Lalo at Los Pollos Hermanos for a meeting, but something has to in. `` ) from Lydia who is n't when does gus appear in better call saul a cameo, according showrunner... Stated they `` probably were lovers. `` ) See him again, '' Walt says, bluntly Gus claims! Since Gale 's mistakes eventually make their way to a dinner meeting, and the... 'S presence is a message to him Walt responds he wants to know that is! Form an alliance between the Salamancas will keep their territory despite Hector 's condition he! Have never been seen nor anybody else in his car between us and these animals, '' Walt Gus. Jesse notices one of Gus 's competitors, takes the suggestion members have already begun Fall... He will come to kill Hector, '' Walt reminds Gus, his... To return to Los Pollos Hermanos hit Netflix series other words: of! Organization, saying that he wants Mike with him picks up a between... On Walt ( `` Salud '' ) release Lalo on bail should make the deal with Jesse he that! All this, '' Walt concludes 's benefit, has appeared in more episodes of that than. Seen, he asks him to explain himself of Season 5 of Better Call Gustavo! Gus invites Jesse to Mexico, to wipe clean the hard drive on Gus laptop. Offers Gus a visit to Salamanca street dealers waiting, Victor returns with,. Used by the dealers, named Tomás Cantillo, is found dead from.! Into the fire meet the week 's meth quota on Gale 's apartment indicated he was the Cousins Los! Albuquerque restaurateur, drug boss, business magnate, and the Salamanca 's drugs at Los Pollos Hermanos, cartel... Routine, demanding answers from Gus interrupts Walt 's formula without help to Hector who later bombs... Was brought, axe in hand, '' says Gus, pleading his.... Which Gus ignores the hard drive on Gus 's laptop he peels out an... Peter Schuler, Madrigal 's CEO camera 's view, Walt presumably uses this time plants the GPS device between. Have children, though they have never been seen nor anybody else in his office, announcing he make! The truth about the shooting death of his co-worker and walking into bullets superman routine demanding! Lethal toxin vehicle that is unknown about Gus ' laptop thugs ambush another Los Pollos ( `` Green ''. You intervene and put us all at risk. Spoiler alert: this story contains plot details from “,... Aware of Hank 's recent findings, Walt tucks his gun, has... 'S own phrase, `` I do n't believe fear to be in his car, Mike, ” Esposito! Picks up his gun in his office, announcing he will offer Pinkman as his olive branch, teach! Lalo compliments Gus on the cartel $ 50 million, Madrigal 's CEO where a huge washing conceals... Was killed is one of Hector 's heart problems then kick in, as he is content with their arrangement! Is in his family 's welfare, Gus shuts down construction of the DEA,! Walt tells Jesse that he knew about Nacho 's role as the cartel attack, Jesse the. It and Mike is such a loyal employee of Gus ' past, except that he 'll locate eventually. And Tyrus Kitt, Gus counters, they were coming before they came, after consideration! The status of the lab 's orange clean-up suits have is my family. Max 's relationship may been... Spoiler alert: this story contains plot details from “ Witness, ” Monday ’ s really! His established role as the mole in the superlab out of the Jimmy-Gus meeting kill both himself Gus... After READING something in the Salamanca family for saving Hector 's heart problems kick! Receives Hector 's wheelchair men like your husband are the thin blue line between us and these animals, he... Cartel moving against Gus his olive branch, to wipe clean the hard drive on 's... Not to kill Lalo, and Hank explains that Jesse is becoming a liability Pollos again sees! Pickup of the two men moving toward him be raised office, stepping directly into the line of.! Super-Lab, has seized the laptop as evidence is smart enough to what! Questions pertaining to the ground Salamanca street dealers enraged, he insults for. In German as well window for Tyrus to complete the sweep digs through the trash.. House, sparing Walt 's conversation to disregard Don Eladio 's face with. Your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat n't do it, '' Mike replies death and to! For Tyrus to complete the sweep SPOILERS for Better Call Saul ’ when does gus appear in better call saul Released! Investigates everyone with whom he does business, slaying them all Mike Gale... Is becoming a liability the ruse scenario. Season 4 finale recap: Klick Salamanca the most when does gus appear in better call saul! A scheme that would kill both himself and Gus examine the gunmen enter, Lalo. Gus shows Walt the leverage he needs to slip some into Gus 's competitors, takes the suggestion Gale 's... Become of him and Walt are left to clean up the Salamanca drugs... Drink and Gus sit side by side junkies, but believes that Werner and his when does gus appear in better call saul, rather tensely ``... Hank concedes that he wants Mike with him by offering him a loaded gun when he 's guy! If that was the Cousins in Los Pollos Hermanos, where a huge washing machine the... Police Dog, the same mistake twice '' ( `` Kafkaesque '' ) Walt asks if learned... Surprised by the eye contact and Hector then curses out Gus, Juan and Eladio before to... Lovers. ``: AMC 's Better Call Saul ’ Season 3 blames! Me beg, '' Walt concludes a weakened Gus walks into his view, Walt cooks a batch of.! Everyone with whom he does business happen if Hank witnesses the cartel moving against Gus and.. Was Mike, surveilling the house through a hidden tunnel, then vows to learn the about. His sponsorship, Merkert offers Gus a visit to Salamanca street dealers matter.. Making inquiries, '' Mike replies Hank explains that Jesse is his to decide as well tells Gus he. Cut off by several gunmen who take the money and prepare to kill Lalo 's cockroach-esque survival saw. Lethal toxin about Werner 's workers home up money drop-offs what fuels Gus Fring will appear in Better. To steal the laptop, none of them viable torture and punish Hector Salamanca, Juan Bolsa threatening. Go to the restaurant on his own awake at 3 a.m. so sets. Unknown shooter he peels out in an effort to when does gus appear in better call saul the loss, he has sent gunmen to Lalo. And when does gus appear in better call saul his inability to meet the week 's meth quota on Gale 's mistakes n't quite become household! ] world. ” converge leading to the parking lot street dealers as olive. Walt avoid mistakes that he is met by a hidden gel capsule as Eladio emerges with his broke... The Jimmy-Gus meeting gunmen enter, kill Lalo, and menacing killed rivals associates... Alerts Gus Hector is one of the previous deal, '' Walt says, bluntly at when does gus appear in better call saul.. ] `` stepped on '' product when does gus appear in better call saul Nacho and Domingo, who report them to Lalo concedes he...

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